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Plein soleil / Nautical chic / Minimalism / Variations

M & R(Marge & Ripley)’s character are expressed through graphics, illustrations, typography etc. 

It aims to have simple yet fashionable graphics and also works for a messenger to show graphic messages to the world. 

Each character has their own identities and own life story. Y Grafica designed them with witty graphics for people to understand 

Marge & Ripley’s messages and attractions. Y Grafica is going to show more contents and products soon. 

Marge goes traveling in search of her lost ear. Ripley covets the lives of other men and often feels lonely. 

Marge & Ripley, the main character, are named after the stars in Plein soleil.

Y Grafica is comprised of people who have excellent business experience and sensibilities. We value the spirit of a challenge and the creativity of our brand. 

Y Grafica is a life style brand, which started with Marge & Ripley and has expanded its business scope itself to licensing of characters and signature graphic art work. 

Y Grafica is making it a rule to accumulate the trust by keeping the philosophy of brand and interactions with customers. 

Y Grafica is providing a high quality creative service by carrying out the core value of brand and design work.

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