Chic & lovely rabbit who living in a city 

One day, Ripley, who loves her secretly, stole her ear and ran away. 

Then, she started an adventure to find back her ear. 

During the adventure, she will have many changes and happens on her stolen ear.

Nature: Chic & Lovely   Like: Fashion, Shopping, Coke, Icecream, Flowers   Key words: Lost my ear

A lonely tiger who is having Ripley syndrome

He loves Marge, but it was one way love. 

One day, he got upset, because she turned down his love. 

It became the reason why he stole Marge's ear. After he stole her ear, he started to lose some of his patterns, 

and rest of patterns changed to pink color. From that time, 

he got a special skill, which is he can take other people's patterns, and he acts the patterns are his own.

Nature: Lonley, Needy, Camouflaged   Like: Marge, Others   Key words: Who am i ?

Timid and unprofessional private detective

He always trying to solve problems to following someone, like shadow, and infiltrate into the place, 

but he always failed it and he does same fault again and again. 

'Private detective, cheaper than others', he put these letters on his office and waiting customers. 

When he is on working, he always wears the black hat and does act like Sherlock Holmes. 

Marge requests him to investigate to find Ripley.

Nature: Hard-Woring but clumsy   Like: Sherlock Holmes, 007bond movies   Key words: Who am i ?

A romantic ostrich, who dreaming real love

She did not have the real love in her life, and believing that ostrich also can fly, 

when she falls in the real love. Emma always dreaming that her heart shaped tail will become a balloon and it makes she can fly. 

So, she keeps trying to find the real love.

Nature: Romantic, Dreamer   Like: True love   Key words: Waiting for you

Cheerful and music-holic warmhearted bear.

He always does not face people with prejudice and be satisfied to help and give something to people. 

Joe is cheerful and humorous, but he is having hurt on his heart, and this hurt helps him to solve the problems in his life. 

He owning a music bar and healing people who are lonely and hurt.

Nature: Kind, Good listener   Like: Jazz, Conversation, Consolation   Key words: All is well

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